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V Congress on Geothermal energy in BUILDING AND INDUSTRY

The Regional Ministry for Economy, Employment and Treasury, through the General Directorate for Industry, Energy and Mines, and the Regional Energy Agency of Madrid (Fundación de la Energía de la Comunidad de Madrid), calls to participate in the GeoEner Congress 2017, an initiative that aims to be a forum of meeting for scientists and technicians from research centres, universities, public administration and companies from the geothermal sector, interested in the different thematic areas related to this renewable energy source, widely developed in other European countries and with a growing presence in our region, analyzing the procedures of application, the equipment available in the market and the adaptation to the current regulation. Therefore all the interested actors are call to participate in the V Congress of Geothermal Energy in Building and Industry, that will be celebrated in Madrid on the 26th April 2017.

Main objectives of Geoener 2017

  • To provide a forum for meeting and discussion to scientists, professionals, industrials and consumers, to disseminate and share their knowledge, experiences and research on geothermal energy for building and industry applications..
  • To transfer and exchange knowhow and experiences developed in different regions contributing to promote this renewable energy source.

Thematic areas

The Thematic Areas on which the papers should be submitted are:

  1. Identification and geothermal land characterization techniques.
  2. Technologies and equipment for geothermal exploitations.
  3. Applications to air conditioning in residential area.
  4. Applications in industry and services area.
  5. Underground infrastructures utilization for geothermal uses.
  6. Legislation and normative to promote geothermal energy.

Presentation of papers

The process for the admission of papers will follow four phases:

  1. Summaries reception.
  2. Approval of the summaries by the Technical Committee.
  3. Reception of the definitive paper.
  4. Approval of the final paper by the Technical Committee.

Once accepted the abstracts by the Technical Committee, those interested in submitting a final paper should send a text with a maximum of 8 pages in Word format, before Octobre 31st 2016, with a maximum extension of one page in Word format, Times New Roman, size 12, simple interlineal spacing, headed by the title and the name of the authors of the paper. The left and right margins will be of 2 cm, and the top and bottom ones will be of 2.5 cm. This text should be sent in a file to the following e-mail address: moc.mocrenef@reneoeg.

The papers will be evaluated by a Technical Committee to verify that they fit with the contents and thematic areas of the Congress. All the authors will be informed before the 1st Novembre 2016 of the acceptance or rejection of the proposals presented.

For the paper presentation, at least one of the authors has to formalize its inscription in the Congress.


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